Standards and Expectations

I just wanted to welcome players to Launton for the new season, which will be my first as team manager.

A new management team has been assembled with fresh ideas and a new, more professional approach, with the aim of taking this football club forward.

As you will appreciate, in order to achieve our goals, there are some standards and expectations that we will like players to adhere to during the season.

– Paul Meakin

General conduct:

We strive for a supportive atmosphere and therefore all feedback should be constructive. Whether on or off the pitch we expect all players to show respect to both team mates and the coaching staff.


The coaches will aim to provide weekly training sessions that are informative, varied, well-structured and player focused.

As such, the coaches expect players to attend training regularly, to be punctual and ready to listen.

Whilst missing the occasional training session does not necessarily mean that you will not be selected for subsequent matches, frequent absence from training can translate into less playing time in matches.

Training will be on a set night and at a set time each week throughout the season.

It will be delivered by FA qualified coaches who are giving up their time voluntarily.

Therefore, we do not feel that it is too much to ask for players to make themselves available to train.

If you are unable to make training for any reason, please contact a member of the management team prior to start of the session.

Pre match routine:

For home matches, it is expected that players will arrive 1 hour and 15 minutes prior to kick off. This means that for a 2pm kick off, the expected meet time is 12:45pm.

All players are expected to help with setting up the pitch prior to the match and therefore arriving at this time will allow everyone to be involved in this without impacting on match preparation time.

For Home matches the pre match routine (based on 2pm kick off) will be:

  • 12:45 – Pitch preparation
  • 1:00 – Team meeting in changing rooms (line up announced/tactics/formation)
  • 1:15 – Player changing/preparation time
  • 1:25 – All players to be out on pitch
  • 1:30 – Team warm up begins (Starting line up & subs to be present and involved)
  • 1:50 – Individual preparations for match
  • 1:55 – Final instructions and preparations
  • 2pm – Kick off

For away matches (based on 2pm kick off) players should arrive at 12:55pm (latest)

During matches:

During matches, if you are not playing you may be to perform some off field roles such as:

  • Running the line
  • Refilling water bottles
  • Performing first aid duties (if qualified to do so)

I appreciate that no one likes running the line and as such it is rare that you will be asked to do this for longer than one half of a match. However, if you are asked to run the line, it would be helpful if you could do so without arguing about it.

Post match:

Every match will finish with a debrief and team cool down which everyone should be part of.

For home matches, players will be asked to put pitch equipment (goals/corner flags) away and to pick up any other match day equipment.

You are all part of this club, all use the equipment and facilities so please do not skip this.

For away games, this is the same expect for goals and corner flags which are not your responsibility.

After each home game, you are expected to go into the bar area for a minimum of 30 minutes.

This time is important for team unity and also for showing your support for the club.

This is not compulsory for away games and is your choice entirely.

Players are not expected to wash kit this season and this will be taken care of by management.

Subscriptions and match fees:

Signing on fee – £30

Subs – £120 (paid either upfront or monthly by standing order)

All players are expected to remain up to date with their subs payments and falling behind with monthly payments may result in ineligibility for matches. If any player is having difficulty making payment of subs they should speak to a member of the committee, as there is support in place. All approaches are treated in confidence.

Launton Ladies Football Club